The 10 Laws of the Alpha Male

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THE 10 LAWS include...

LAW II - Don't Marry H _ _ _ _ _
LAW III - Eat P _ _ _ _ _
LAW IV - Lift S _ _ _
LAW V - Be C _ _ _ 
LAW VI - Choose _ _ _ _ _ _
LAW VII - Build P _ _ _ _  From P _ _ _
LAW VIII - F _ _ _  Hard
LAW IX - Be D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
LAW X - Don't Be A  P_ _ _ _

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Acclaim for the author Anthony Dream Johnson

Disturbingly misogynistic 

– The Independent

“Always extremely professional” 

– Jack Donovan

“A rising force in the manosphere” 

– Secular Patriarchy

“Anthony you are the single most judgmental guest I think we’ve ever had.” 

– Piers Morgan

“You’re protecting the manosphere in a way that not enough people give you credit for… if you didn’t protect the sphere at all it would just be a complete s**t show.”

Andrew Tate

“Anthony Johnson might be an a***ole, but he's a GOOD man who truly cares about the state of masculinity and the manosphere. Sometimes the world doesn't need a hero, it needs a monster. ADJ is that "monster" to frauds and cowards, and I gladly stand with him in this fight.” 

– Paul Caldwell

“He is a man who sees women only as fungible, only as objects to be used and discarded at will, not fully human. I hate to use these words but… jizz storage units.” 


“Anthony ‘Dream’ Johnson is far from anybody’s dream, he’s a terrified little incel troll.” 

Maxine Page

“The 21 Convention got me re-energized and motivated. The brotherhood and unity was off the charts. Ready to get home and elevate my content. That dude Anthony Dream Johnson is undervalued.” 

– Coach Greg Adams

“I like Andrew Tate, but you are more extreme than him!”

– Random YouTube fan

"What an absolute arrogant, patronizing t**t he is!! I mean the name says it all! I'd like to ram that cap straight up his mansplaining a**e!!" 

– Random Twitter fan

"This guy is genuinely serious. This is really worrying that people think like this. F**k me."
– Another happy Twitter fan

The 10 laws of the alpha male
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LAW #1

LAW #2

LAW #3

LAW #4

LAW #5

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LAW #7

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LAW #10

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