Law v of the alpha male: heal trauma

Complex PTSD Free Sample

Everyone has at least a little bit of unresolved trauma in their history. However, some men have more severe trauma in their history. That could be in the form of a toxic relationship, a toxic friendship, or a severely abusive childhood.

If you have anything tantamount to serious trauma, you need to understand it and heal it. Learn what went wrong, how it affected you at the time, and how it’s affecting you now.

This could be something like an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife cheating, it could be domestic violence, or it could just be intense trust issues that prevent new relationships from even starting.

One of the most common ways unresolved trauma affects us is the inability to set and hold boundaries. Toxic, dangerous personalities will sniff this out about you and exploit these weak points as soon as possible.

The best starting point I know of to “fix” trauma is studying a concept called CPTSD or complex post traumatic stress disorder.

This is a simple, revolutionary model for understanding the effects of complex trauma. This is different from conventional PTSD for major events like surviving a bad car accident, getting mugged at gun point, or experiencing combat in war.