Elliott Hulse Response To VICE News: "Why The Far Right Is So Weird About Sex"

From the Desk of Elliott Hulse Written on July 23rd, 2022 (original statement) [Video response by Elliott] On May 26th 2022 VICE News published a 12 minute video to approximately 16 million people


This site should have been a central hub for everything "21". Events, tickets, mission, blog posts, free videos, podcasts, merchandise, announcements, etc. In reality it was years out of date

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Everything “Trans” is Cancer

Pictured: "Admiral" Rachel L. Levine Reminder: you can save $1200 on tickets to all 21 Summit events for just4 more days, then prices go up. Learn more and save your seat. I'm about to

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Under a fake banner of ever shape shifting “equality” well beyond the letter and spirit of law, feminism has mutated the cultural landscape of America and the West into a

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