BANNED from the YouTube Partner Program Dec. 29th 2021.
Zero Strikes. Zero Warning. Flawless 14 Year History.
$10,896.60 in Earnings Instantly Confiscated.

Video #1 BANNED

Video #2 UPDATE

21 Studios and The 21 Convention are under attack by big tech and the woke, feminist establishment. We need your help now to continue helping millions of men.

Since 2006 21 Studios has been creating positive media and events for men around the world, with all videos published free to the world, helping millions of men every year like a "TED Talks for men". On December 29th 2021 without warning our channel was instantly suspended from the YouTube Partner Program, completely demonetizing over 2,200 videos across our channel. YouTube immediately confiscated nearly $11,000 in December earnings, in addition to their monthly 45% standard share of advertising revenue.

These funds are used to pay our employees, office space, operating expenses, and video editing costs every month. 21 Studios had a perfect 14 year track record on YouTube and 11 years in their Partner Program with ZERO community strikes or copyright strikes, ever. In context this aggressive action is nearly unprecedented, even for YouTube. We need your help now to continue our fight for sharing the truth and helping men win the war on common sense masculinity. While this draconian decision by YouTube is unfortunate in the short term, in the long term we will build a stronger fan funded relationship that can't be cancelled by jumbo sized big tech super feminists.

The Best Ways to Support 21 Studios

1. Join 21 University

Like a "Netflix for men"
Free 30 Day Trial
$19.99/month to continue
100% Uncensored & Uncut content
Day Zero Access to New Premium Videos
Instant Access to All Premium Videos
Zero Ads and Max Video Quality (up to 4k)
100% of your membership supports 21 Studios
Free apps in the Apple and Android app stores

2. Join us on Locals

21 Studios receives 90% of your contribution 
Starting at only $5/month
100% Uncensored & Uncut content
Locals is a pro-free speech platform co-founded by Dave Rubin
Join a vibrant community of men with shared mission and values
Videos are posted here after 21 University, before YouTube with no ads
720p Video Quality
Post your own content and get feedback from other men

3. Direct Donation

Make a direct donation to 21 Studios
One time or monthly options available
100% of your donation supports 21 Studios
All major credit/debit cards accepted
Your donation helps us help millions of men
Support the creation of new video content
Support the creation of more live events

Even More Ways to Support 21 Studios

4. Attend a Live Event

Full 4 Day Live Summit in Florida
Attend The 21 Convention for men
Attend The Patriarch Convention for fathers
Attend The 22 Convention for women
Bring a friend free (limited time offer)
Tickets start at $999
Meet other attendees with shared values
Shake hands with your favorite speakers
Free 1 Year Pass to 21 University
Get Access to The Heroes Dinner

5. Lifetime 21 University

100% goes to support 21 Studios
Lifetime access to 21 University
Day Zero Access to our Premium Videos
One time payment of $999
Access 15 years of 21 Convention Speeches
100% Uncensored & Uncut content
Instant Access to All Premium Videos
Zero Ads - Max Quality (up to 4k)
Works with our Apple and Android apps

6. Crypto

Bitcoin Cash