This site should have been a central hub for everything “21”. Events, tickets, mission, blog posts, free videos, podcasts, merchandise, announcements, etc. In reality it was years out of date and in need of a fundamental overhaul from top to bottom.

Most action for 21 Studios was taking place on our YouTube channel, (events), and (premium video). was even more out of date, formerly our main online site from 2009 to about 2017.

The new will simplify and centralize everything 21 long term. 21 University will be one of the only other online sites we run since it is it’s own video streaming service. The other websites will be folded into

The best thing is, like 21 University, we own it. No censorship crap, no one to tell us what our speakers can and cannot say, no one to deplatform us.

As a 15 year entrepreneur with a predominantly online business I can’t stress enough how vital this has become. Over the past 5 years “big tech” has become hostile, aggressive, and downright Orwellian when it comes to free speech and open debate. What they actually do at a technological level is very complex and way over the head of the average American. The big items you see in the news like “President Trump banned from Twitter” is just the tip of the iceberg.

The people who run these big tech companies are severely fucked in the head, hate America, hate freedom, hate free speech, and hate the truth above all. Which is to say they hate reality, especially when it’s shoved in their face.

They still have a wide variety of ways to harass and impede individual websites but I think will fly under their radar much as our online channels have.

With that in mind I will be inviting dozens of our alumni 21 Convention and 22 Convention speakers to write open blog posts on their topic of expertise using our new platform.

We’ll be aggressively optimizing the blog posts for search engines and site speed in general. And of course, all free speech will be welcome, meaning all speech protected by the federal constitution to the United States.

Few things in life aggravate me more than American companies suppressing free speech and open debate. They are traitors morally and philosophically to the vision of the founding fathers. I hate them with a passion and our new site is a big fuck you to them and a big awomen to advocating for the pursuit of truth.

Enjoy the new site. This is the #1 spot to share 21 Studios online and with friends. I’ll keep you posted for the upcoming blog posts by our speakers.

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