Meet Coach Dream

I'm Anthony Dream Johnson, founder of The 21 Convention, CEO of 21 Studios, 1st President of the Manosphere. I'm the man who created the campaign to Make Women Great Again℠, a live event and viral media storm that hit national headlines and made millions of feminist heads explode. In 2006 at just 17 years old I began building what is now the longest running and #1 manosphere event in the world. My work since then has helped over 100 million men become more masculine, stop being beta losers, bang hot chicks, build families, and unleash the alpha male within. I will now help you do the same, personally.


Since 2006 I’ve built and operated 27 live events across three continents, five countries, and eight cities. Primarily for men but also fathers and women with select special events. In terms of building manosphere events I am the undisputed world champion of an entire industry.

When I started organizing events I was 17 years old and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I've since mastered my craft and continue to improve each year.

I've personally managed up to three conventions at the same time, events as large as 230 attendees, and assisted on events as large as 500 attendees.

If you want to start a first time event I can help you. If you want to grow an existing event into an elite experience I can help you. Need help monetizing your event? I have 16 years of experience to offer. You can learn the hard and painful way like I did or the easy way. Both work, your choice.

My live event consulting rate is $500/hour or $300 for 30 minutes.

Full event management and production services are also available on a custom basis by 21 Studios. Contact for pricing and availability here.


I’ve built 21 Studios into a channel with over 500,000 subscribers and 130 million views. Over 66 million views in 2022 alone. 

Big tech feminazis also fully "demonetized" us in late 2021. I fought back and won on appeal in less than 24 hours. I did the impossible and beat big tech in a head on fight for my channel.

I’ve seen YouTubers offer coaching with as little as 50,000 subscribers and 2 years experience. This is trivial and fraudulent nonsense. These people are retarded goofballs and hucksters who know jack shit about building a channel.

Since 2007  I've built the 21 Studios YouTube channel into the powerhouse brand and media empire it is today, with over 23 videos north of 1 million views, and the highest viewed YouTube video in manosphere history with over 12.4 million views.

What I bring to the table is real experience, real wisdom, real results, and real tips to survive and thrive on YouTube. Whether you're starting a new channel or want to level up and existing channel, I'm here to help you win.

My YouTube consulting rate is $500/hour or $300 for 30 minutes.


Having met hundreds of dating coaches for men since 2006, I can tell you first hand that most dating coaches bang fat women, ugly women, or no women. These results are then intentionally concealed and/or exaggerated for profit. It's a profession infested with blood sucking frauds and parasites - even worse than used car salesmen.

While I am not your dating coach, I will provide alpha male/masculinity consulting both generally as well as specific to dating.

Do you want to bang turbo sluts that are basically tits on a stick? I can help. Do you want a beautiful girlfriend who cooks amazing food, cleans your house like a pro, and basically treats you like a king 24/7? I can help.

Are you a fat beta loser and don’t even know where to start? No one can fix you, but I can help you unfuck your life, become more masculine, more alpha, and authentically more competent with women - whatever your goals may be.

I will teach you how to stop being a beta fag and start being an alpha asshole with women that will send nudes as well as daily prayers to your dick.

Since 2006 I've spent thousands upon thousands of hours studying masculinity, banging hot women (no fatties), talking to thousands of women, and honing my skills through trial and error. During that time I've also learned first hand from the best speakers in the world  on issues facing men through the process of building over 27 live events and conducting hundreds of interviews with legends.

My alpha male consulting rate is $500/hour or $300 for 30 minutes.


I created The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again live event and got it front of 150 million people for free, one of the greatest – and most hilarious - moments in internet marketing history. I landed headlines in national news outlets like The New York Post and a 20 minute interview with Piers Morgan on national TV.

Now 34, I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur operating the same business I founded at 17 years old. 

I’ve built a media empire and complex live events spanning 3 continents and 5 countries. I am not a zillionaire but I have survived and thrived as an entrepreneur compared to the 96% of businesses that fail by this point (and long before this point).

My experiences taught me the hard way through trials, risks, mistakes, challenges, and serious pain. I've overcome impossible odds several times over. You can learn like I did or you can learn directly from me in exchange for money. Both work. It's your life and your call.

I’ve seen “business coaches” online with as little as 2 years of experience. This is hilarious, trivial, and fraudulent. These people are retards who know less than nothing. Imbeciles.

I’ll give you realistic wisdom directly from the trenches, 17 years of business warfare and experience - shit you won't hear anywhere else. I've defeated competitors, bought out hostile partners, settled lawsuits, and fought off angry mobs of pink pussy hat communists who wanted me dead.

I've also played the fake news media like a puppet to grow my business, even getting BuzzFeed to pay me $1,500 for an official "Fake News Press Pass". Yes your enemies are in fact stupid and I'll teach you how to fight them.

My business and PR consulting rate is $500/hour or $300 for 30 minutes.