Under a fake banner of ever shape shifting “equality” well beyond the letter and spirit of law, feminism has mutated the cultural landscape of America and the West into a dystopian ultra-sexist nightmare.

A living nightmare where women are above criticism, the law, and can do no wrong. A nightmare where our young boys are fed pills and lies to cure them of their “toxic masculinity”. A nightmare where young men in college are treated as guilty until proven innocent, walking on eggshells in constant fear of being hauled in to a kangaroo court to have their lives permanently destroyed by fake allegations. A nightmare where husbands and fathers are routinely and systematically destroyed in family court no matter how much they love their children and how hard they fight.

It’s open season on men and masculinity in America today with feminism leading the charge. Anyone who says feminism is an “equality” movement at this point is ignorant, blind, or lying. Whatever the origin its primary focus for existing at this point is the ferocious hatred of men, boys, fathers, and all things masculine.