Men are “going their own way” by the truck load. From fake allegations, to the #MeToo witch hunt, to cancel culture, to divorce rape, and beyond, men face serious injustice at industrial scale in America.

Fatherlessness is at an all time high. Our young boys deprived from their fathers are raised without the structure, guidance, boundaries, and leadership that only a strong, masculine father can provide.

Young men of all colors and creeds are in the streets burning, rioting, looting, and throwing molotov cocktails at police cars. “Smash the patriarchy!” they said, but what they really meant was “smash men and family”.

No one today is teaching men the basic skills of becoming a man, working hard, and leading a life of courage and purpose. Instead they are fed propaganda from day one that their masculinity is wicked, manhood is useless at best, and the only road to redemption is to apologize for how they were born.