From the Desk of Elliott Hulse

Written on July 23rd, 2022 (original statement)

[Video response by Elliott]

On May 26th 2022 VICE News published a 12 minute video to approximately 16 million people on their YouTube channel. Long time fans of my own content have since reported to me that variations of this original video have more recently been published to additional social media platforms operated by VICE Media including Facebook and Snapchat accounts, expanding the reach to millions of more people.

The video itself “Why The Far Right Are So Weird About Sex” presents itself as part of an ongoing investigative series. Nothing could be further from the truth. Upon review I find this video to be yet another unethical, biased, lazy, and slimy fake news hit job. This type of “journalism” has become all too common in America from socialists, communists, feminists, and their woke alphabet buddies from hell.

This lazy low IQ hit job focuses on smearing the manosphere movement more widely and also targets me personally – probably even defaming me. I’m a YouTube creator with millions of fans that’s helped Make Men Strong Again since 2006. My videos have helped men build stronger bodies, stronger futures, and stronger minds by the hundreds of millions across the world.

As far as “news reporting” goes your video is nothing short of a moral and intellectual con job. You cherry picked one of my older videos covering MGTOW and presented me as the face of that movement within the larger manosphere community. This is delusional, wrong, and fundamentally inaccurate. Any honest review of my content would show that I am aggressively pro-marriage and pro-family, putting me at odds with significant parts of the MGTOW philosophy. If VICE had even a shred of integrity you would have chosen someone like my friend Coach Greg Adams who better reflects what MGTOW men are advocating, discussing, and rightfully concerned about in today’s degenerate gender relations. Dating and courtship has become a disaster for young people to put it mildly.

You went much, much further than mislabeling me as MGTOW though, you suggested that I was somehow responsible for or even “fueling” mass shooters with my “toxic masculinity”.

I’m a husband for over 20 years and a father of four . I love my wife, I love my kids, I work my ass off to help Make Men Strong Again and build a better country for my children. What I definitely do not do is sit around “fueling mass shooters” everyday. This is an egregious, stupid, and twisted lie. You owe me and all of my fans an immediate and absolute apology.

It’s worse than a lie in fact, it’s projection of your own sins from your own flaming pile of trash “fake news” network. VICE Media promotes non-stop beta male, soy boy, WEAK, low testosterone, fatherless, “don’t need no man” single mom, feminist culture. This creates a well documented breeding ground for mass shooters who almost universally lack a strong, masculine, patriarchal father figure in their lives, to help guide their masculinity and growth as a man.

Your organization is a fake news den of vipers as far as I’m concerned. You and your allies in the fake news, feminist media breed the exact kind of conditions for young men to lash out at a world that demonizes them and tells them they are wicked, evil, toxic, and useless 24 hours a day. The blood of mass shooters is on your doorstep not mine. These dejected, demented and deranged young men are your creation and those of your allies.

My work on the other hand helps men become the strongest version of themselves. To focus, improve, and understand their masculine nature as men – not deny, vilify, and suppress it as you do.

The only kind of shooters I support are young men like that 22 year old hero in Indiana recently that shot and killed a mass murderer, saving countless lives. This young man exhibited what you would ordinarily call “toxic masculinity” taking the responsibility of a dangerous, violent situation into his own hands. Your “toxic masculinity” concept is pure trash of course, he was nothing short of a hero and the same is true for every man with balls and heart that big.

He exhibited what my good friend and author Jack Donovan would call the “tactical virtues” of masculinity, specifically strength, courage, and mastery. He demonstrated these under extreme pressure and in a situation that threatened his own life. This is the kind of masculinity I 100% support and I offer no apology for.

In summary your organization is a fake news dumpster, your video is ridiculous garbage, completely wrong, and the diametric opposite of reality. VICE News is figuratively and perhaps literally satanic – what you promote generally and what you’ve done in this video is evil and backwards. My work helps men save themselves, become more masculine, build healthier families and relationships, and frankly helps men get their balls back. You want men to be effeminate beta males, I want men to be highly masculine, alpha male leader. We are not the same.

My experience with the manosphere movement has been generally and fundamentally positive. Your lies and slander extend beyond me and attack the entire manosphere. Had you gone in with an open mind and level head, you would have found a positive movement helping men across the board. Instead your investigation was loaded from the start. You came in with an aggressive agenda and built towards that. This is why people hate the media: you’re a bunch of corrupt frauds, liars, and snakes.

Have a great day and may God have mercy on your souls.

Elliott Hulse

Founder of