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I’m about to commit some hate speech crimes here (aka “those are hate facts bigot”), so buckle your seat belt in your favorite safe space and get ready to call the wambulence.

First of all, over the past ~10 years living in America or an allied Western nation, you may have noticed a slight up tick in people chopping their dicks and tits off to better align with one of the new 750 genders.

Ten years ago in 2012 you could post on your Facebook something like “Hey this trans stuff is really weird, are these people mentally ill?” and not too much would happen. Now if you post that you risk being instantly banned for life, losing your job, getting death threats, and worse. In some countries you could have police knock on your front door for “hate speech”.

My how times have changed.

I actually tweeted last year that “There’s no such thing as trans, just mental illness“, and got a near instant 24 hour ban for the tweet. If I had a more extensive ban history with Twitter, they would have banned my account for life, that I’ve had since 2009.

The same is true for every other “big tech” platform, and all of my accounts on Facebook and Instagram are currently threatened to be “unpublished” (deleted) by the platforms for repeated offenses involving “hate speech”.

What I do want to state unequivocally today in this newsletter is that you are not crazy, and you are not alone in thinking: all of the trans people are mentally ill. They are sincerely crazy, like a homeless guy screaming at a wall under a bridge type crazy.

I say this on a common sense basis: if you walk into a doctor’s office with the intent of chopping your dick off (or having one put on), and that body part does not pose an imminent threat to your life (like cancer), you are fucking nuts and belong in a straitjacket.

All of your ancestors would have understood this as well, that intentionally mutilating yourself in this way is crazy.

Interestingly, the American Psychiatric Association considered transgenderism as a mental illness as recently as 2012.

This is a fairly obvious truth which is exactly why you aren’t allowed to say it almost anywhere on the internet. Even writing this to you in a newsletter risks my online accounts being banned elsewhere, and not just Twitter, everything. From PayPal to Venmo, even ride sharing apps like Uber will ban you over comments like this if your comments stir up enough news outrage.

(They do this by including fine print in their ~150 page terms of service agreements stating that they can ban you for comments made outside of their platforms).

Obviously if you’re not self-employed, you could also be fired for stating facts like this.

Now why are trans crazies so hyper-protected?

My opinion: they basically won the Victim Special Olympics out of all the crazy alphabet people, because transformers are the most crazy, unhinged, and pretend oppressed.

They are the loudest, most insane bullies out of all the cry bullies… because they are legit mentally ill. This is different from a standard issue blue haired feminist, or a “Black Lives Matter” sheep, who are both useful idiots for politicians in need.

Transformers as I like to call them also serve a useful function: they are the final destroyers of all differences between men and women, the only two real “genders” that have ever and will ever exist.

Nothing says gender doesn’t exist like surgically switching between the two original ones on a whim.

At the end of the yellow brick road of infinity pansexual non-binary heteroflexible genders, and after they spend years grooming and brainwashing your kids, is the destruction of all gender.

The destruction of all masculinity, all femininity, all family. They want everything to go to zero, and transformers are key to accomplishing that.

More philosophically, transformers are at war with themselves and reality. The reality of their own DNA. They misidentify a problem with their mind or brain as being a problem with their body. So they hire a quack surgeon to start hacking away at it.

The U.S. Navy even spends millions of dollars treating “transgender troops”. I’m not kidding, read about it here in USA Today.

The federal government of the United States literally uses your money they took from you by force, to surgically alter transgender troops.

In a small way, you’re personally bank rolling this shit. A little bit of your taxes went towards chopping someone’s dick off, in the military.

The good news is this kind of insane shit cannot and will not last. It will end either the easy way, or the hard way. Crazy people like this did not build civilization and cannot maintain it.

I’m 100% for saving Western civilization and pushing it forward towards reason and reality. A new enlightenment. Realistically this kind of insane crap being institutionalized is a precursor to the fall of Rome. Strong, masculine men have abdicated leadership and power, and our countries are now run by fat women, beta males, and transformers.

America has survived a lot since it’s founding, so I’d guess it’s 50/50 odds how this all works out.

Bottom line: everything “trans” is pure cancer. They really are crazy, and highly irrational, evil people prop the crazies up as heroes. This is meant to demoralize you and further destroy the culture and country you live in.

Speak the truth when and where you can, as powerfully as possible. Shine light on insane shit to cleanse it. That’s the easy way.

Anthony Dream Johnson
1st President of the Manosphere
Founder, The 21 Convention
CEO, 21 Studios