Originally from the 21 Studios Newsletter 06/22/22

I’m not even sure how to begin this newsletter. So much has happened in the past few days that my jaw is still on the floor a bit. The truth is sad, sick, twisted, and dark.

Jesse Lee Peterson has been a popular speaker at 21 Summit events since 2020, giving a total of 5 speeches across all three of our conferences including The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again (2020 only). He’s also a self-proclaimed Christian pastor and has been a popular radio/call in show host for north of 30 years in California. He operates a 501c3 non-profit religious organization called BOND and two YouTube channels each with over 300k subscribers.

A professional documentary called “Amazing Disgrace” released recently exposing Jesse – with 4 accusers on camera, one of which is an alumni 21 Summit attendee – as a lifelong homosexual and groomer/sexual predator.

This is problematic for several obvious reasons. One that needs to be stated upfront and clearly is that Jesse on his own shows and platforms is a notorious homo-basher. He routinely mocks homosexuals and tells them on air that they are going to hell, that “Satan is their daddy”, etc. He’s been consistent on this for decades publicly, and per being a Christian pastor, this is in line with what Christians are supposed to believe. Homosexuality being a sin in their religion.

Thou shall not stick your dong in dudes doo doo holes.

I’ve never witnessed this level of extreme hypocrisy and fraud before in my professional career, and I believe it far surpasses the fraud of both Jack Murphy and Rollo Tomassi – even combined.

Most manosphere frauds are doing it to scam wounded men out of money, usually small amounts for book sales, courses, and such. At worst they are kind of festering unresolved wounds of their own, and spreading the damage to other men.

This situation actually involves religious fraud, closeted homosexuality of a public figure, and sexual predation of real victims, one of which is a former attendee of 21 Summit.

To say that I’ve been extremely angry the past few days is an understatement.

What’s worse, and what really set me off, was independently confirming that the fundamental allegations are true and factual. This shit actually happened. Jesse Lee Peterson has engaged in long term homosexual activity, and some form of sexual grooming/predatory behavior with wounded, broken men coming to him for answers.

I’ve confirmed this to the point that I’m willing to take legal responsibility for those claims being facts of reality, rather than only pointing to the documentary itself.

This is the ultimate possible betrayal for any of our speakers and I’ve publicly gone to total war since Monday exposing this fraudulent homosexual super predator.

I had private, minor reservations about Jesse which is part of why he was excluded from The 22 Convention in 2021, but nothing even remotely approaching the total truth here. I don’t think even an FBI background check would have uncovered this, and it appears he’s been getting away with and covering it up for 20-30 years, possibly longer.

A lot of people I know are still in shock, including speakers in private and our fans in public. Many are outraged, going through the beginning stages of grief (denial and anger).

A lot of young men and women looked up to this guy. Conservatives, Christians, and just regular people looking for answers in a culture that hates masculinity and femininity. Jesse had a significant overlap with manosphere content and topics in particular over the past 5 years, maybe longer.

It was all fake, all fraud, and all lies, the entire time. This psychopath crafted a public persona to scam people out donations and actually prey on men in real life for decades.

The war to Make the Manosphere Great Again continues.

While this has been a rather gruesome turn of events, it is ultimately healthy and part of the process for healing the manosphere. Purging it of frauds and predators, one by one. The feminists and their vichy male allies will use this against us as it fits the cartoon villain they built in their heads perfectly. This is unfortunate but also just how the world works. There are millions of evil people in the world who engage in varying degrees of fucked up, immoral, twisted shit.

I want to close on a simple point that I specifically don’t care that Jesse is gay. We’ve had another popular speaker since 2017 who is also gay. Nobody cares because he doesn’t lie, hide, bullshit, or make a big deal out of it.

What I care about with Jesse is the grooming/predatory behavior, and the extreme level of fraud and hypocrisy. This man lied to me, all of our speakers, all of our attendees, all the fans of 21 Studios, and all of the manosphere for years. He did it with a straight face and has shown zero remorse. This shit is truly vile, dishonorable, unmanly, and disturbing.

This guy is one of the most infamous homo-bashers on the internet.

He has brought great shame to my company, my event, conservative politics, American Christianity, and the manosphere itself. I hate this man with a burning passion and I think everyone should.

Do give the documentary a watch and share it with friends.

Awomen, and may Jesse burn in hell.

Anthony Dream Johnson
1st President of the Manosphere
Founder, 21 Summit and The 22 Convention
CEO, 21 Studios