This is not an essay I ever thought I would have to write. Yet I find it necessary and proper given the bizarre nature of recent manosphere events. I’m going to make this as short, sweet, and clinical as possible. Dr. Dream is in the house.


Mommy’s good boy

After growing up as a fat, lifelong, mamma’s boy nice guy, Mr. Poodles decided to masquerade as an alpha male “life coach” for men on the internet. Recently he revealed himself to be a fake, a fraud, a hypocrite, and a phony. A beta male simpanzee, neutered, cucked, and castrated by a high powered Feminist Boss Queen Tinder Turbo Thot™.

A critical, tongue in cheek Twitter thread posted several weeks ago sent Poodles spiraling into an instant roid-rage, making violent threats on audio for any non-compliance. He walked some of these threats back later, only to then double down, and challenge over 20 speakers of The 21 Convention to a fist fight, in addition to an unlimited number of attendees – yes, random customers of mine he’s never even met.

He’s publicly called of these men cowards, going so far as to identify/name several on video including but not limited to Pastor Michael Foster, Coach Greg Adams, Elliott Hulse, Richard Grannon, Ian Smith, Jack Donovan, Jay Vincent, Steve Williams, Arthur Kwon Lee, Jeff Younger, and many more. John has already walked back some of these embarrassing threats towards speakers after getting screamed at and whimpering like a puppy.

In the process of the above John has explicitly tried to cancel the entire 21 Convention and 21 Summit events, the 16 year anniversary of 21 Studios being held in Orlando Florida this October 14th-17th (get tickets here and bring a friend free through September 30th).

While I realize some of this language sounds harsh, sincerely, what you are about to read will shock and disgust you.


John “the Poodle” Sonmez as he is now known is a former speaker of The 21 Convention and The 22 Convention live events. He also presents himself as a sort of broad spectrum self-improvement/dating coach, with a little masculinity guru sprinkled on the side. He’s had a bit of a schizophrenic/bi-polar relationship with the manosphere for a while now, often “leaving” it to drama market and rile his fans up, only to fence sit and continue bitching about it indefinitely. Wash, rinse, repeat for clicks from drama addicted sheep.

Earlier this week Mr. Poodles has publicly attempted to cancel the upcoming 21 Convention and 21 Summit live events – the longest running and largest manosphere event in the world.

John went so far as to demand speakers drop out the event and/or publicly attack me (the founder). He went further calling all 25+ speakers cowards, all of the attendees cowards (yes really), and has challenged all of the above to a fight, especially but not only the speakers (including myself). This inadvertently included several female speakers for The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again live event. I assume this part was accidental.

He made these insults and challenges both in writing, as well as in a 32 story video rant – that’s 32, not a typo – posted to his Instagram following of 100k+ followers. Below is a screenshot of the written version.

Below is a streamlined version of the original 32 story bitchy cry fest, where he’s too much of a pussy to even say my name. It clocks in at about 7 minutes.

When you have the time it’s worth watching to really grasp the nature of what’s happening, and get a first hand look at the live action mental breakdown of a certified beta male on Instagram.

Check Point Summary

Mr. Poodles has had something of a public mental breakdown, calling dozens of speakers he knows and has met personally, cowards. To my knowledge none of them had made any public comments – positive or negative – up to this point about any conflicts between John and I. They were uniformly not involved, and many were not even aware that anything was going on in the first place.

The exception to that are the 10+ speakers he has been contacting privately for several weeks, overtly trying to turn them against me and The 21 Convention. All of these speakers have oral agreements with me and many written agreements. What John was doing privately (snake) as well as publicly may constitute tortious interference with business relationships (1), something that he could be sued for. We already have one lawsuit against several of Poodle’s friends in active litigation.

It should be noted that Poodle’s effeminate cancel culture attempts have universally failed and are aggressively backfiring.


On August 11th Mr. Poodles – a public figure and public speaker – decided to publicize his new engagement to Feminist Boss Queen and founder of the degenerate “Date Me or Hate Me” podcast Nicole Hazelwood. The images were posted publicly to over 100,000 of his followers (even if half are bots that’s still a lot of people), therefore inviting them to comment, observe, and criticize his post – as with any other.

What I saw was sickening. Obvious, blue pill, beta male cuckery. Overtly subservient, submissive, supplicating, mommy issues on display, genuflecting garbage even from the most generic, vanilla, moderate, manosphere point of view. This is beta male fuckery at its finest, and actions that get roasted by manosphere podcasters on a regular, daily basis. This kind of stuff is the bread and butter of many top manosphere content creators. It’s educational, funny, and people like watching it.

To be clear, the manosphere is a loosely organized movement for men. Poodles has a long standing awareness and hot/cold relationship with it. Like anything else on this planet, the manosphere is not perfect. Some of the advice is good, some less so, and some advice is terrible. It’s an open marketplace of ideas, with some basic fundamentals that are widely agreed upon – such as, don’t be a beta bitch, and choose your relationships with women wisely and judiciously.

For the good, positive advice and ideas the manosphere does have, John has absolutely failed to grasp and apply even the most basic concepts. It’s truly “cringeworthy” that he did this in real life, posted it to the internet, and for that matter, ever had anything to do with the manosphere or teaching men how to be a man more widely. This shit is embarrassing.

He’s not “purple pill”, this guy is pure, 100% blue pilled.

Below is an embed of the original Tweet thread, you can open it to view the full commentary as well as screenshots of the negative vitriol this feminist boss queen uses towards men on a regular basis. As several fans have noted it’s even worse than it sounds at first glance.

See for yourself.

On the issue of Poodles genuflecting on one knee and publicizing the moment, I do want to provide additional commentary.

This is 100% unacceptable for any man, and I will explain why.

In my view this is 500% beta, weak, and pathetic, to get on your knee like this for any woman. However maybe you find it traditional, maybe your grandfather did it, maybe you think it’s romantic, whatever. This can be reasonably debated and I don’t have a problem with that.

Where the room for debate ends is when you professionally photograph and publicize what is already a dubious act, that should only be done in private, if ever at all. This is extremely gay and 1,000% beta. By doing this Poodles has made it all about her, her new ownership of him, her ego, and her raging narcissism/need for attention.

He might as well have chopped his own balls off and presented them on a poodle platter here.

This is beyond pathetic, pitiful, and truly shameful. This is a weak man telling the world just how weak and passive he is. A proud slave, who pretends to lead by example for men on how to be a man while charging them money. Fucking delusional and farcical.

The Poodle Response

Shortly after posting the Tweet thread, Mr. Poodles sent me several audio messages via iMessage, embedded above (1 minute long). Here is my original description for each message.

Audio 1 of 3, innocent enough.

Audio 2 of 3, escalating quickly, level 10 passive aggressive.

“You seriously don’t wanna fuck with guys like me” – John “the Poodle” Sonmez 🐩

Will Smith on line 1 📞

Audio 3 of 3

Now we escalate even further to threats of implied violence and tortious (civil) interference in my business relationships, with specific names mentioned.

Basically brigading/running to daddy/”Our mutuals are not gonna like this” – Cuck Murphy bullshit.

Some select comments from viewers are below.

I have been allowing all comments on this video (all uploads of it), unlike Mr. Poodles who has been deleting any detractors or negative commenters – because he is a pussy.

Bolding is my own, and some comments have been shortened for brevity.

This dude is not about that life, thats like that dork at the bar thats like “bro you dont know me, i just see red and bodies drop bro, I’m like crazy bro” so stupid , I know a punk when I hear one, and that is punk talk, elliot hulse would t bag you john.

John Sonmez sounds like someone who’s scared of the feminist he got down on one knee for. He sounds unsure of himself and he probably left those messages after she threatened to cut off the engagement, saying “you better say something, or else we’re through.” And he caved in to her ultimatum.

His name should now be Bullshit Mindset.

Doesn’t surprise me. Unless you’re padding him on the back, he deletes your comment. Extremely thin-skinned and the opposite of what he pretends to teach. Also, he has a nervous (unstable) temperament. Don’t take advice from someone with a nervous energy.

John sonmez is NOT the alpha male he claims to be. He got emotionally hurt and challenged 21studios CEO AnthonyJohnson to a fight lmao, but John was the same one preaching and teaching redpill “men” emotional and mental control and saying that if you resort to phsyical violence over non-threatening stuff, then it’s weak, but here he is telling Anthony to fight him cause Anthony is clowning him hard. Haha…. but once he sold out to the redpill and pretended to be a men’s guru in order to hustle cornball guys for coaching and facebook group subscriptions, he became a clown in my eyes.

… I just don’t like bullshitters who claims to be an expert and teach something while doing the exact opposite of what he teaches

Man, even if he disagreed with you… this is far below his normal level of respectable behavior. Getting really upset, making a bunch of posts, and threatening to beat you up? And calling up his friends to try and get on his side, all because of… an internet meme criticizing a life decision? Very far from the alpha behavior he usually recommends.

this reeks of someone trying to stand up for his girlfriend/wife in order to keep her respect. It’s probably not because your posts offended him, but because they offended her.


This is a fan comment from the leaked audio video, bolding my own.

It seems from my perspective that you are the only one who is pointing out the red flags to your friend however he is to invest that he doesn’t see what we all see the way he responds makes me believe that you hit a nerve

There is an old saying that “anger is the weathervane of truth“. The reasoning behind this saying is simple. Things that are false/incorrect usually don’t provoke much of an emotional response, if any. Exceptions exist for major lies such as if you’re being falsely accused of domestic violence, #metooed, crimes involving children, or other serious accusations that represent real and serious harm to your life or values.

On the other hand, speaking the truth – especially forbidden truths and sacred cows – provoke major emotional responses in men and women. In other words the truth – not falsehood – triggers the fucking shit out of people.

What shocked and disgusted me so much about the Poodle’s initial Instagram post, announcing his new engagement/slavery to the Tampa Tinder Turbo Thot, wasn’t just the post content itself or the vomit inducing caption, it was the army of mindless, blue pill, beta males clapping like seals in the comments.

Including men who should know better like Beta Male Strategies.

Some of these comments were just fake posturing to be sure. Schmoozing to butt sniff the poodle for whatever imagined reason.

Fundamentally though, what I saw, was not one man willing to stand up and speak the truth boldly and clearly. Many knew the truth, and yet none would say it. That this guy was the new king of the beta males, was blue pilled to the bone, and about to get pegged by the matriarchy in divorce court.

This was aggravating and pathetic to watch. For a manosphere/men’s movement dedicated to promoting and selling “the truth” – the truth about female nature, the truth about being a man, the truth about masculinity, the truth about the red pill, the truth about fitness, the truth about success, etc – not one man was openly speaking the truth on this crap, for whatever reason.

Well I’m not willing to live in a world where the truth will be silenced and forbidden. I decided to speak it, and decided that anyone who doesn’t like me speaking the truth can eat shit and suck my balls.

Philosophically I’m an Objectivist. At the top of my values hierarchy is objective reality, followed closely by objective truth. When I see an important truth, and everyone is afraid to speak it or can’t be bothered, then I’m going to speak it. Period.

Most men don’t have this value system and never act on issues like this in the first place. Their value system is corrupted and weak. Beta as fuck. They prioritize money, clout, schmoozing, political maneuvering, playing nice, good manners, etiquette, etc. All this effeminate fucking garbage comes before knowing the truth and speaking it.

Ironically these are the same pussies who will sit there and tell you “facts over feelings” and “the truth matters!”.

Yeah sure, until there is a cost or risk involved. Then all of a sudden that truth shit magically goes right out the window, and you get an abstract excuse list a mile long.

Pathetic. Fucking. Pussies.

I decided a long time ago that I’m going to burn down the bullshit, lies, fraud, and corruption of this world with the truth, starting with the manosphere.

And not one man alive can stop me.

Now did I also want John to wake the fuck up and stop being a sheep? Yes, but that was maybe 10% of my motivation, a minor factor, seeing John exit a toxic and abusive relationship. My primary motivation was speaking the truth when no one else had the balls or could be bothered to do so.

To lead by example, and actually live what I preach.

That the truth matters above all, no one is above the truth, and the truth will be spoken by any means necessary.

Feminist Boss Queen™ Analysis

Feminist Boss Queen in her natural habitat.

Below is a comment (source) from a fan on 21 Studios who reviewed Miss Turbo Thot’s podcast “Date Me or Hate Me” that she operated for a few years including as recently as late 2021. The comments match what I have heard from others who have privately reviewed the podcast content, as well as my own initial, brief skim of the podcast made several weeks ago for the original Twitter thread.

Bolding is my own.


Oh wow… I listened to a few episodes of her podcast (so you don’t have to), it’s a lot worse than I thought. She has an extensive dating history.

  1. High School boyfriend (keeps in contact with him)
  2. Guy that cheated
  3. The Rebound guy from Tinder
  4. The Religious guy
  5. The Player guy (matched with his friend on Tinder first)
  6. 2 Baseball players from college
  7. FWB in college (keeps in touch with him)
  8. Pro baseball player
  9. 2 pro soccer players
  10. Guy from Hawaii right before COVID hit
  11. Guy from May 2020
  12. Pretty boy from Tinder
    Few other men that she mentioned (Harley Davidson bike aficionado, sports bike guy, friend of the Rebound guy “Rapper”, guy she had on her podcast “Rafael”). Not clear if they were intimate.

Few other red flags I found:

  1. 1000+ friends on Facebook
  2. Keeps in touch with exes
    Potential flags:
  3. Used Tinder, Bumble, Hinge simultaneously (loves male attention)
  4. Supports BLM
  5. Went on Bachelor show casting
  6. Cheerleader at VCU
  7. Fan of “Sex in the City
    John, what are you doing, bud? Open your eyes, my guy.


Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this chick is a basic beech 304.

A player, and a predator, who found an easy target to sink her claws and hooks into. Anyone with even a basic understanding of women, and manosphere concepts, can objectively see that a mile away.

But here is the real, blue pill kicker. John knows she’s a Turbo Thot.

Mr. Poodles sincere belief is that this lifelong salami smuggler who is in his own words “like most western women” magically transformed into a unicorn, right at the moment they met. And now they are going to get legally married, without a pre-nup, because muh tru wuv.

Impeccable timing on her part huh, it’s right out of a romantic comedy movie.

Poodles has actually gone quite a bit further, and openly pushed men to throw themselves into the matriarchal meatgrinder. See for yourself.

In direct contrast, here is a well written article on the subject from high testosterone alpha male Dr. Shawn T. Smith – Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Prenup February 16, 2022.

Shawn is a man with a high IQ and a calm, iron mind. His conclusion is the diametric opposite of hyper-emotional, unhinged mamma’s boy John Sonmez/Mr. Poodles. This is a direct reflection on the character, mind, and wisdom of each individual.

As a closing note on this Tinder Turbo Thot, I want to share a meme of Dr. Jordan Beta Peterson’s daughter, who is very similar to our newest Feminist Boss Queen.

I’ve fucked a lot of women in Florida. I know the sexual market landscape and territory well. In my own experience, it’s extremely obvious this chick is a player, and predator. A wolf in sheep’s clothing that is to be avoided.

She’s displaying symptoms of borderline personality disorder, which is common among women, and especially young millennial/zoomer chicks who have been drunk on feminism their entire lives.

In Mr. Poodle she spotted a weak gazelle, an easy, thirsty target. A sucker with open wounds to nurture and fester. To dig her jezebel claws into. She’s completely dominated John at this point. She’s fully aware of this, and knows what she’s doing. She’s a gold digger with her eyes on the prize. She wears the pants, and controls Mr. Poodle by letting him think he’s wearing the pants.

This is how the pros operate. It’s a simple flip of the script, but it works. Chicks like this work covertly, with a smile and fake as fuck innocence.

Remember kids, unless you’re Jesus or John Sonmez, you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

Poodles Analysis

The term “narcissist” is overused on the internet today, however I believe the older, more specific term “thin skinned narcissist” still holds weight.

John is an extremely thin skinned pussy, a coward, beta male, simpanzee, cucked and castrated weasel. He wants to preach to men about “taking responsibility” and “owning your shit”. Like a bitchy woman, he wants all the authority of being a public figure and “men’s coach” with none of the responsibility that comes with it. Namely, accepting public criticism, for public actions he’s taken, that are hypocritical, and diametrically opposed to even the most basic – and sound – manosphere wisdom.

Counter-culture wisdom that has been distilled down by decades of time and the experience of countless men.

Mr. Poodles is hyper-emotional and over-reactive. He is highly vaginal, and despite preaching (non-stop) about emotional control and self-mastery for many years, he has displayed none of it when tested.

He has proved to be a giant cry baby, who will piss and moan when he doesn’t get his way, melting down in a giant temper antrum on the internet.

John “the Poodle” Sonmez is a snake masquerading as a “nice guy”. When he didn’t get his way – when I didn’t cave to his demands and do what he said – he instantly puffed up, got ultra passive aggressive, fake violent, and started trying to coordinate dozens of business relationships against me.

Rather than fight his own battles, or take the “high road”, not worry about it, and be secure in his own relationship and choices, he instead ran like a bitch to other men, begging them to fight his battles for him – for weeks.

He ended up calling 100+ men cowards, including over 20 speakers of our events, and then challenged them all to fight. This is profoundly weak, stupid, and cowardly. All of his talk about “cowards” is pure projection. Mr. Poodles is scared shitless and lives in constant fear of my next meme or social media post.

This pussy is too chicken to even stand up to his own girlfriend and exit what is obviously an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

John is a super simp and super fraud, who does not practice what he preaches, is explicitly aware of it, and just makes excuses, like a bitch. He is not a man, never has been, and at this rate I doubt he ever will be. He is still the same fat mamma’s boy of his youth.

Hiding behind a false bravado and fake transformation – fueled by a cocktail of artificial injections as I understand it – is a weak, scared shitless, loser and covert, passive-aggressive bully.

The manosphere is filled with grifters and charlatans like this. Much worse than Mr. Poodles actually. But I would at least put him in the top 20.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but sincerely, Conovan Sharpe has shown more self-control and a greater degree of masculinity than this goofy beta bitch Poodles.

For those of you not in the loop, that’s really saying a lot.


You’ve seen several references in this essay to Will Smith. Earlier this year of course it became obvious to the entire world that Will was a trapped and cucked beta male, a husband slave to his nasty bitch of a wife.

Will in short – like so many other men, rich or poor, black or white – is trapped in an abusive relationship and marriage.

With just a glance, his wife commanded him to do her bidding, and he did so without batting an eye, risking his entire career and legacy, over a totally reasonable joke, at an event where that is entirely normal.

Will did this because he is a slave and this reflects how their relationship fundamentally operates. She owns him, and his balls have been in her purse for many years, where they will remain probably forever.

As many have commented both publicly and privately this is the same relationship dynamic we see now with Mr. Poodles and Mrs. Poodles to be. The unhinged lunacy of her beta puppet, while she sits back pulling the strings, twirling her hair giggling.

John of course is my puppet as well, something she is keenly aware of and drives her up the wall, as it threatens her emotional and psychological domination over him. In his spare time he has become my pet monkey, my bitch, dancing and singing for me on Instagram to his entire audience, even advertising my event for me. Thanks bro.

When I made my original tweet thread, my gut instinct told me that something much bigger was off about John and this relationship, that what I was criticizing was only the tip of the iceberg. This hunch turned out correct, and I was able to smoke out a much larger fraud than I anticipated.

It’s a thankless job exposing fake retards, but it’s a job that needs doing. I’m proud of what I’ve done and offer zero apology to anyone.

A final important parallel to draw with the Smith relationship is the extreme defending m’lady’s honor/White Knight behavior. Like Jada our new Feminist Boss Queen has no honor to defend. This was one of the most damning elements of the Jada/Will scenario, and it holds true here as well with the podcast content alone.


This feminist boss beech has claimed her prize and made a fool of a wanna be masculinity guru. He’s wrapped around her little finger, and that will be the case for some time to come, and until she decides otherwise and decides to gut her sheep for cash and prizes.

John is delusional and hyper-emotional on a regular basis, lashing out at dozens of men who refuse to do his bidding, and by extension his master’s bidding. This is common for the infamous BPD/NPD duo relationship. Not only the puppeting aspect, but what is known as “crazy making behavior”. A predator of this sort knows how to naturally find and pull on his emotional strings to get the desired outcome, to make him dance like a circus animal.

The fat, mommy’s good boy John Sonmez is the same as he’s always been, it’s just been revealed more openly than ever. The glitter of a fake transformation is wearing thin. He’s revealed himself to be a basic bitch, California liberal snowflake, fully invested in cancel culture.

Initially I wanted the best for John. I suppose I still do in a way, although at this point – given his actions of threatening not only me but dozens of my friends – I’m rooting for this Turbo Thot to peg him in divorce court. I’d say there’s a 98% chance of that happening in the coming years, and I will be there to gloat when it happens.

Learning the hard way is probably the only way for someone this beta, cucked, and weak.


There’s a truck load of knee jerk emotional reactions the Poodle simps will have to this essay. I want to take a moment and pre-dispel some of those simpy and delusional myths like that I’m “jealous” or or “clout chasing” Mr. Poodles or “drama marketing”.

For starters, my main channel – like my balls and dick – is much larger than John’s. In August we did over 17 million views, compared to shrimpy 344,000 views John’s channel did. That’s about 50 times as many views, in the same 31 day window.

This difference is astronomical. The two channels are barely even comparable. The truth is that no one gives a shit about John’s content anymore, because it’s all fake and hollow trash, as his actions have now shown in real life. It was made to scam men out of money and nurse his inner beta, not actually help men. His channel has been dead, dying, on life support, and circling the drain for some time now.

21 Studios by comparison has been skyrocketing, and running circles around him, for a while now.

It gets much worse though.

My small personal Youtube channel with only 8.5k subscribers, has done over 750,000 views in the past 28 days, more than twice of John’s traffic.

Even The Red Man Group channel – that we barely post anything to – with 19k subscribers is running circles around John’s content with over 500,000 views in the past 28 days.

That’s 3 channels, operating at the same time, lapping this bitchy poodle. It goes without saying that it’s impossible to clout chase someone vastly smaller than you online.

As for “drama marketing”, meme videos don’t get any views. Few people know who John is at this point, and of the few that do, even fewer give a shit. This is not a debatable point – any review of the content on 21 Studios or any of my other channels reveals that meme videos get by far the lowest amount of views. I’m probably going to post them only on the smaller channels at this point to not impact how the algorithm views 21 Studios. That’s how useless they are for views. I post them because they are true and funny as fuck.

Even the highest viewed “expose” videos at best do 100k or 200k views. This is rare, and still, a drop in the bucket. 99% of our views and content come from educational and informative speeches filmed live and in person. Anyone telling you differently is lying to you or clueless.

A Personal Message

Mr. Poodles is deeply jealous of the intellectual and moral freedom I exercise in running my business. In standing up for what I believe in, asking for permission from no one, speaking the truth no matter what, and especially when it is socially forbidden.

I live by the creed

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me?”

The answer is no one.

Many have tried over the past 16 years in building my events, reaching hundreds of millions of men and women with my videos. Men have tried repeatedly to steal, undermine, and destroy my business. All have failed.

I’m a man on a mission. I’m going to turn the manosphere into a powerful movement for men that changes the course of American history. That means uniting the manosphere, and dividing out the frauds and fakes. It takes both positive and negative force to accomplish this.

Behind the memes I’m deadly serious about my work. Absolutely no one will stop me, so lead, follow, or get the fuck out of my way.

John is a loser beta male with women and life by comparison. A lost boy with deep father hunger and mommy issues. His chick wears the pants and this secretly eats at his soul.

In contrast I am a pure blooded alpha male. I lead my relationship, end of story. I get attacked and she gets attacked online all the time. It’s part of being a public figure. The same is true for every other manosphere leader with a wife or girlfriend.

I don’t care what anyone thinks about her because it’s my dick, not your dick, going in her. I’m secure in my choices and my relationship. I’m alpha as fuck and royally do not give a fuck if anyone agrees.

John would do well to learn from my example, but he won’t. His head is too far up his poodle ass to even breathe at this point.

Mr. Poodles has been stalking every single Instagram story of mine, every tweet of mine (whether or not he is tagged), YouTube community post, etc for weeks now. He is definitely reading this as soon as his female commands him to.

I’m going to be politically correct now and speak directly to Mr. Poodles, reiterating what I already told him in private early on.

If you ever decide to follow through on your initial threats of jumping me/aggravated assault, before you started walking that shit back and trying to fight 20+ speakers, you’ll be lucky if I don’t break your fucking neck with my bare hands.

I’m not a trained fighter and neither are you. I grew up under conditions of horrendous, non-stop violence. I’ve seen people bleed, cry, kick, scream, and plead for their life.

You strike me as a fat fuck, spoiled, California snowflake mamma’s boy who has never experienced, dished out, or even witnessed serious violence.

You need to sit down, shut the fuck up, dump that nasty bitch, and check yourself immediately.

Have a great day.

/s/ Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, 21 Studios

President of the Manosphere


You can and should grab tickets here to 21 Summit, hitting Orlando Florida this October 14th-17th. 21S includes three conferences held at the same time, same venue, including The 21 Convention for men, The Patriarch Convention for fathers, and The 22 Convention for women.