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– January 2nd, 2022 –

Statement by Anthony Dream Johnson,

1st President of the Manosphere

On December 22nd 2021 I published a controversial video to the 21 Studios YouTube channel of over 350,000 subscribers detailing a series of events surrounding former 21 Convention speaker and author John Goldman aka “Jack Murphy”. In this video I commented on various newsworthy events surrounding the disturbing public and private conduct of John Goldman as well as his speaking history with The 21 Convention in 2018 and 2019. I denounced John’s actions totally and absolutely, making it clear that he had no current association with 21 Studios or The 21 Convention, and had not in a very long time.

Since the publication of this video on December 22nd additional fact-based revelations have been made about the private conduct of John Goldman that were even more extreme and shocking than those covered in my initial video denouncing him and declaring John a total embarrassment both to himself, the manosphere he was once a part of, and everyone around him. Amazingly his public conduct in recent days matches the absurdity, hypocrisy, and depravity of his private conduct. Conduct which includes but is not limited to frequent self-initiated cuckolding, boasting about urinating on his now wife to be, and extensive “heteroflexible” for sale pornography on the publicly available website Chaturbate that featured anal stimulation of both oral and paraphernalia methods. This list is not exhaustive and evidence of these activities is now widely available on social media in addition to being reported in the news. These were dark secrets John Goldman kept hidden from everyone over many years for his own personal gain.

Upon review of the gross, aggressively hidden conduct by John Goldman and in consultation with top alumni 21 Convention speakers I have chosen to remove all 21 Convention content featuring “Jack Murphy” from our platforms. This decision is permanent as John’s choices in all of these matters were abhorrently dishonest and beyond embarrassing to both our platforms, the manosphere community itself, and other organizations he has associated with in politics, podcasting, and the media. While I am traditionally reluctant to remove any public speaking content from our platforms, even from an exposed, snake-like, mega charlatan such as “Jack Murphy” the disturbing nature of his past and present conduct outweighs any historical value these videos represent. We will maintain archived versions of this content for historical, documentary type purposes as well as any future lawful requests by a court or law enforcement agency.

On December 27th 2021 self-published author Lyndon McLeod aka “Roman McClay” went on a killing spree in Colorado, shooting and murdering multiple individuals before being stopped and killed by local law enforcement. This officer was wounded during the fight but is thankfully recovering. Her actions to carry out her duty under fire, defend herself, and stop a lunatic mass murderer were nothing short of heroic.

This individual Roman McClay had been interviewed by several online personalities in recent years both within and outside of the manosphere community in the promotion of his book series “Sanction”.

First and foremost I support the public statement made by author and 21 Convention alumni speaker Jack Donovan on this issue found here. Like Mr. Donovan I have never met this individual Roman McClay, our communication was limited, I have never read his book, and I have had zero contact from Roman in nearly 2 years. I do own a copy of his first book, and for approximately 2 years it has been sitting at the bottom of a pile of over 70 books on my current reading list. This is common for me as a community and event organizer, in being central to over 170 alumni speakers from those events.

As reported by the news media and law enforcement agencies involved it appears clear that this tragic and horrific incident was personally motivated against previously known individuals in his local community. In addition it has been reported that Roman had a history of mental health issues that were on the radar of local and even federal law enforcement for some time, including investigations in 2020 and 2021 but without charges made. Furthermore documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich has reported that Roman was visited by the FBI in 2020 for making credible death threats and other criminal conduct. No arrests were made. If this reporting is accurate then in the context of recent violent events it seems there were serious errors of judgement by the FBI in this matter.

To be absolutely clear the recent actions of this violent lunatic do not in any way reflect the manosphere men’s movement or the men and fathers in it. Our community is a place for authentic, positive, masculine self-improvement. This means men bettering themselves, their health and fitness, their relationships, their communities, and their families. The fundamental purpose of the manosphere presented in my most recent State of the Manosphere address was explicitly “A Positive Future for Men, Boys, and Fathers”. The manosphere universally denounces violence across the board outside of lawful and justified contexts such as personal defense from grave bodily injury and the heroic actions of our American founding fathers to defeat tyranny and create the greatest country on earth.

In 2020 Roman McClay was considered for speaking at The 21 Convention event later held in Orlando Florida. As part of building a “TED Talks for men” style event for over 15 years we sometimes seek out promising new authors with little notoriety to give them a chance at larger exposure. Through the standard vetting process leading up to our event that year I rescinded Roman’s invitation from our event. To be clear Lyndon McLeod has never spoken at or attended The 21 Convention or any 21 Studios event ever held. This was a decision I made personally as CEO of The 21 Convention and 21 Studios based on Roman’s conduct as a potential speaker. Roman was a relatively unknown speaker and my decision went largely unnoticed at the time. The 21 Convention was held successfully for it’s 14 year anniversary in October of 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I extend my personal condolences to the victims, law enforcement officers involved, and surviving family members. This was a tragedy for their local community and in some respects a tragedy for America. These people deserve absolute peace, privacy, and respect for their pain right now.

It has more recently come to my attention that Roman McClay was a one time member of the “Liminal Order” men’s group founded and operated by John Goldman aka Jack Murphy. Given the totality of John’s dishonest by omission and deviant behavior it comes as little surprise to me that on December 20th he projected and unknowingly prophesied the actions of former Liminal Order member Roman McClay by declaring that the manosphere “are school shooters waiting to happen” on his public Twitter account.

In my judgement this accusation was then and remains entirely false, malicious, sensational, and slanderous. It reflects more closely on Jack Murphy and former Liminal Order member Roman McClay than the manosphere and the “Youtube rage merchants” he also directed this comment at. I view his words in that tweet as a pathetic attempt at deflection of negative attention towards himself and his cult-like organization “Liminal Order” before the shooting took place. The tweet was delusional and those were the words of a weak, desperate man, burning down his own career built on a mountain of deception. In my judgement this was his own psychological projection of those he surrounds himself with and it echoes in the larger chamber of Jack Murphy publicly attacking and throwing the manosphere under the bus for several years, for his own personal gain and notoriety. It was fake, political virtue signaling of the most disgusting kind.

On December 29th, 2021 video blogger George Miller aka “Rollo Tomassi” known widely as “the fraudfather of the manosphere” live streamed to his YouTube channel a series of extremely vile comments surrounding the mass murderer Lyndon McLeod. He was joined by sycophant and fellow blogger “Ryan Stone” during this broadcast. The original title for this video was “Roman McClay was a 21 Convention speaker”, a statement also made in several tweets related to this video by George Miller himself.

Due to both the video title, associated tweets, and over 2 hours of video content I personally regard this video broadcast as an overt, aggressive, malicious, cancel-culture style campaign to mislead the public and hyper-link Roman McClay to The 21 Convention as a speaker. This is absolutely false, as this apparent mass murderer Lyndon McLeod for a matter of fact has never spoken at or even attended any 21 Studios live event, and was uninvited from the one convention he was temporarily invited to years before the recent tragedy in Colorado. George Miller was sent a cease and desist notice with a demand for immediate retraction and apology on this issue. Thus far he has updated the title with a “?” at the end in what I imagine is an attempt to evade liability for potential defamation or other legal matters.

His statements on Twitter remain intact, falsely promoting Roman McClay as a 21 Convention speaker to thousands of people. I have asked our attorney to investigate these issues for the potential of defamation and false light against The 21 Convention and myself as these statements were in my opinion made with reckless disregard (at best) for the truth. To my knowledge no sincere attempt was made to verify the truth of Roman McClay in this context – something any journalist with an ounce of common sense would reasonably do.

Regarding my “deleted tweets” that Roman McClay responded to on his public Twitter account and George Miller has publicly obsessed over, these tweets of mine were deleted in January of 2021 by me along with all of my personal tweets since 2009 – over 35,000 tweets in total. I chose to delete all of my tweets in protest when nearly one year ago today the sitting President of the United States Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and nearly the entire internet. I was as disgusted then as I am now with “Big Tech” and their Orwellian, anti-American, monopoly-like control over free expression on the internet and our public square. In my judgement these American companies are run by extremists who are radically out of line with common sense American values like free speech. Furthermore I support the statement by popular rapper, author, and podcaster “Zuby” made here on the guilt by association issue. Specifically “…screw anybody trying to implicate me in this.”

George Miller and his business associate Mr. Stone went significantly further in Miller’s video broadcast. With the bodies still warm, victims of the families still mourning, and at least one police officer still recovering from life threatening injuries sustained in stopping a mass murderer, these two imbeciles went on a two hour tirade gloating, giggling, and laughing over this incident. Mr. Miller describing it as a “Christmas present” multiple times during the live stream, in reference to his unending hatred and obsession with me personally, as well as The 21 Convention, and several of our alumni speakers named during the broadcast. This class of ugly, repugnant, ghoulish behavior can be found in abundance throughout the 2 hour video.

While I have long regarded “Rollo Tomassi” as a total fraud, opportunistic conman, and manosphere super-predator who preys on the souls of hurt, wounded men this is a new low I never thought possible, even for him. After he doxxed the location of over 50 men in October 2018 to a feminist reporter at the New York Times and tried covering it up for 8 months, I thought I had seen the worst of “the fraudfather”. The two-faced betrayal that endangered the very men he publicly proclaimed to help, that resulted in the immediate removal of Mr. Miller from The 21 Convention and all associated professional relationships.

Several experts in psychology have told me in private for years that they believe “Rollo Tomassi” is a narcissistic psychopath in the literal, non-derogatory sense. After watching him rant, rave, and project non-stop for over two hours in this video about “pathological personalities” I can say without a doubt that I believe this is an accurate assessment of George Miller. Right after a mass murder, at a time of national tragedy, and however distant a dark moment for the manosphere itself, his unhinged, tone deaf comments were a bottomless pit of zero empathy and moral insanity; hallmark traits of psychopathy. He owes an immediate apology not only to everyone attacked in this video but to the families of the dead. Both he and Mr. Stone should delete their entire presence off the internet for this atrocity of commentary. There is no amount of stupidity, arrogance, or poor judgement that can explain this away.

I also want to strongly support the comments of Pastor Michael Foster on this issue, that the statements on Mr. Miller’s channel were “evil” and that both Miller and his den of evil are “merchants of misery”. I will go a step further and declare them merchants of death due to their recent choices in relation to Roman McClay. George Miller in particular is a media hound who will stoop to harnessing a deadly tragedy for ad revenue and clicks, and if possible, even to extract personal vengeance on a former business partner. All the same can be said of Rollo Tomassi cheerleader, acolyte, and parrot Edwin Alexander Hopkins aka “Donovan Sharpe” who gleefully praised this commentary live and did a follow up video himself echoing the same unhinged lunacy and degeneracy.

In truth the manosphere has been locked in a “civil war” of sorts since mid 2019.  This is a war between authentic, positive, masculine men who value honor, courage, fatherhood, and family vs a collection of sick predatory frauds who hate men and make gold diggers look like angels in comparison.

Since this time we have been fighting tooth and nail to clean up the filth, fraud, misogyny, and anti-male misandry deeply embedded in this community by twisted charlatans posing as self-help fake alpha male gurus. Our community was temporarily united in disgust with the disturbing revelations of Jack Murphy, and without hesitation Mr. Miller and his nest of blood sucking parasites swooped in to ruin this peace.

It should be noted that Mr. Miller was initially happy to speak alongside Jack Murphy and give him his “red pill” stamp of approval before later turning on him. This behavior is common for Miller who regularly denounces any disagreements with his cult-like ideology as “blue pill” and “purple pill”. In truth nearly every speaker recommendation Rollo Tomassi ever gave me for speakers in our former professional relationship has uniquely turned into a fraudulent disaster. Everything this psychopath touches turns to shit.

Clearly the fight to Make the Manosphere Great Again is an ongoing battle. Recent events in totality have been absolutely tragic, unfortunate, and bizarre across several dimensions. Yet this remains a war that we will win by speaking the truth and continuing to expose frauds with facts, evidence, and no mercy. Because if it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.


Anthony Dream Johnson

1st President of the Manosphere

Founder, The 21 Convention

Media: [email protected]