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I’ve known Andrew Tate for several years now, dating back to early 2019 when we first met in Warsaw Poland. Since then I’ve interviewed him three times, and we’ve spoken on a regular basis.

For the Poland interview I famously dubbed him the “King of Toxic Masculinity” which, to my great amusement, the fake news media has been stupid enough to run with, to levels I never imagined.

If you haven’t heard, Andrew Tate has gone ultra viral. Something like 13 billion views just on Tik Tok, and billions more across other platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Earlier this month he was searched more than Donald Trump. Every major media outlet in the world has gone into a super frenzy attacking him, making him only more powerful and famous, which has been hilarious to watch unfold.

I consider him a friend, and he’s someone I’ve stood by since day one, in spite of a tidal wave of bitchy beta males, fake conservacucks, frauds, and feminists who have screamed at me to abandon him.

Like myself Tate is a pure blooded alpha male. In fact he’s almost as alpha as me, which is amazing. In a world filled with ballless, gutless, toothless, beta male pussies, Karens, transformers, and jumbo sized feminists, I take great pleasure in watching Tate bulldoze my enemies like a bull in a China shop.

I’m very proud of Andrew and support his success 100%. He represents the manosphere very well, and has done a great service for the movement, expanding it’s reach and impact to a new level of mainstream awareness. Beyond any question he has aggressively pushed men to become more masculine, reject the beta male mindset, and the infinite stupidity of feminism.

Do I agree with every little thing he’s ever said? That’s a ridiculous question to ask and standard to hold someone to. Even the most alphaest of the alpha males will not agree on everything.

But by far, the world would be a better place if more men adopted the fundamental attitude Tate lives and demonstrates so boldly. America and the West are dying from the cancer of feminism. We are drowing in effeminate beta males and fat bitchy manly wahmen. Alpha males and the manosphere are the only cure.

I’m writing this newsletter today because Andrew has received the Alex Jones/Donald Trump treatment. Without actually violating any specific policies he has been wiped off of most of the internet including Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, which is extremely gay. Meta, the parent company of Facebook/Instagram just cited their “dangerous organizations and individuals” policy.

Which means he didn’t actually do anything, they just decided he was bad. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s all bullshit, and they don’t like the way he thinks. 

In other words, he thinks for himself, is uncontrollable, completely opposed to the feminist establishment, and encourages other young men to embrace the same attitude on life and the world today.

Andrew as I stated in my tweet, is a legitimate threat to the feminist establishment. He has pushed hundreds of millions of gen Z young men to absolutely reject the feminist narrative they were force fed from birth, and embrace their “toxic” masculiniity. He’s done this at an incredible, heroic level. 

The Orwellian censorship of him is retarded, it’s wrong, and evil. It represents the opposite of living in a free society. It is also extremely dangerous.

As my good friend Ivan Throne likes to say “when the talking stops, the shooting starts”, referring to the next American civil war. 

The people who want to silence Andrew are the same people who want to silence me, silence the legitimate President of the United States, and ultimately silence you personally.

Silencing speech and unorthodox opinions has a much deeper purpose as well. They don’t really care what you or anyone else says, it’s about controlling what you think. Your thinking is directly influenced by what kind of information and speech you have access to.

And if someone can control what you hear, and what you think, they fundamentally control you. Your mind, your body, and your life. A slave in other words.

That’s why I think censorship is super gay. These “big tech” companies are moral and intellectual shitholes acting, repeatedly, in a monopoly fashion to suppress free speech and political speech. All of the big ones are acting as a workaround for the deep state to silence dissent. These companies need to be busted up into a million pieces by the next President.

Those are my thoughts on Andrew Tate. He has openly promised to speak at The 21 Convention, so we’ll see what happens for our upcoming events.

Thanks for tuning in, awomen brother.

Anthony Dream Johnson
1st President of the Manosphere
Founder, 21 Summit
Founder, The 21 Convention
Founder, The 22 Convention
Founder, The Patriarch Convention
Co-founder, The Red Man Group
CEO, 21 Studios
Dean, 21 University


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