Originally published July 29th 2023 via newsletter.

Pictured: 21 Summit 2022 Speaker Group

Hey man

This is a difficult newsletter to write. As you probably know I began organizing 21 Convention events in July of 2006, seventeen years ago almost to the day.

Since then we’ve held events in five different countries across three continents. Never once have we cancelled an announced event during the past 17 years.

Even when the coofid scamdemic hit in 2020, we just rescheduled our spring events to the fall of that year, and combined them into one larger 21 Summit event. This was one of the only fall live events to be held in Florida that year, and probably all of America. We’ve kept that tri-event model ever since.

21 Studios events are considered the “gold standard” in professional, educational events for men, and especially within the manosphere. They are the longest running events of their kind in the world. They are the events people try to emulate but can never replicate. 

When I first announced the 2023 event at last year’s event like usual, I was blissfully unaware that Allyssa was pregnant and my first child was just 9 months away.

Since then I’ve been trying to pivot and adjust my decisions as the year progressed.  I thought that doing an event this year and taking next year off was the best middle ground to balance my personal and professional life. 

Had I known going in to last year’s event that Allyssa was pregnant, I would have just taken 2023 off from events and not announced one in the first place. That would have been ideal, but also, real life is rarely that neat and clean.

Being a new father, and Allyssa a new mother, is not easy. This is all brand new for us, and like the pregnancy itself, it’s a learn as you go experience. 

I want to be a fully present father in the most critical time of my daughter’s life, literally the first 90 days of life outside the womb. Building a major live event, on top of running the online portion of the business, directly conflicts with that goal.

Organizing the events is a major undertaking on a normal year. The stress runs high, and sleep dwindles as the event approaches. Stacking that on top of having a newborn at home I realized was self-destructive for me personally, and would unavoidably take away from fathering my daughter.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to cancel 21 Summit 2023, including The 21 Convention, The Patriarch Convention, and The 22 Convention events.

I want to make it clear that this decision was made several weeks ago before Charlotte was born, and is not a knee-jerk post birth reaction. This is something I meditated on heavily, and discussed at length with several of the alumni speakers and other presidential advisors like my good friend Tony Bruno.

In addition, before the black pill retards start blaming Allyssa for this, she would support any decision I made for the business or events. Allyssa attended both 21 Summit 2021 and 2022, loved the events, and was extremely supportive of me throughout those experiences.

Our events are truly awesome, above and beyond the hype, marketing, and hyperbole. 

I know a lot of you were excited to go this year. In the best interest of my family and my own sanity, I’ve decided to give a big no on the events for this October.

Some people privately suggested doing an online virtual summit instead, which would be much easier, but I decided against that as well, because those are gay and I hate them. “Digital Zoom Summits” are just mental masturbation on steroids.

They are insulting to my life as a professional event planner and director. I have always thought “digital events” were super gay, and the recent proliferation of post-Coofid Zoom culture just confirms how gay that shit is. I have zero respect for them, as in literally zero.

I’ll keep you posted on plans for future events. We have a ton of 2022 footage to still publish – over half is not event edited yet – as well as some 2021 speech footage.

For those of you that need a refund – which you are entitled to when we cancel an event – email [email protected] with “21 Summit Refund Request” in the headline. You can also reply to this email with the same message.

I’m also happy to talk with each ticket holder personally by phone for up to an hour at no charge. About your ticket, the events, advice questions, or just to catch up. I love hearing how past events have helped you personally change your life.

Thanks for reading.

I know this isn’t the best news to hear but it needed to be published and I didn’t want the announcement dragging in to August.

/s/ Anthony Dream Johnson

1st President of the Manosphere

Founder of The 21 Convention